Monday, November 26, 2012

I got a call from Phoenix Financial Group...

Have you received a phone call from Phoenix Financial Group? Can they help me with my tax problem? This is a review of Phoenix Financial Group's services.

Phoenix Financial Group (PFG) is a national tax resolution firm that has tax attorneys and enrolled agents that specialize in resolving clients back tax issues. PFG can help you with business taxes or personal taxes in any state in the country. PFG's primary business address is: 520 Zang St Broomfield, CO 80021. Click here for more information about, Phoenix Financial Group. PFG's phone number is (888) 572-2179.

The IRS can become very aggressive particularly in their efforts to collect back 941 taxes. Businesses can run into cash flow problems and fail to make the semi-weekly or monthly Federal Tax Deposits.  Late and missed Federal Tax Deposits will result in the IRS assessing business substantial penalties. The first step in resolving a past due tax debt is to get into compliance. Phoenix Financial Group can assist you in getting into compliance. We can let you know which returns are still un-filed. PFG can also put you in contact with a payroll service at discounted prices. This will ensure that a business does not accrue any future tax debt.

The tax professionals at Phoenix Financial Group can handle the contact with the IRS on your behalf. They can tell you which resolution option is best for you whether it be an Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement, Currently Non Collectible status or something else. PFG can also help you protect your assets from enforcement action such as bank levies or seizures. In short the attorneys and enrolled agents at PFG know all of your rights as a taxpayer. Dealing with the IRS can be scary. The IRS has a lot of power. Protect yourself by getting professional help.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Phoenix Financial Group review called me. Can they help me?

Phoenix Financial Group review (PFG) called my business. Can they help me with my tax problem? How do I know if they get results? This is a review of Phoenix Financial Group's services.

Phoenix Financial Group is a tax resolution firm located at 520 Zang St. Broomfield, CO 80021. Their phone number is (888) 572-2179. Phoenix Financial Group assists businesses resolve their past due 941 Withholding Tax Debts. Every case is worked by a licensed tax professional, either a tax attorney or enrolled agent.

The best way to get a review of Phoenix Financial Group's services is to call people on their extensive reference list. The reference list is filled with current and former clients with first hand experience of Phoenix Financial Group. They can attest to the value of PFG's services.

Phoenix Financial Group Review of Services:

- Installment Agreements
- Offer in Compromise
- 941 Help
- Levy Release
- Lien Subordination
- Lien Discharge (Certificate of Discharge of a Tax Lien)
- Penalty Abatement Requests
- Garnishment Release
- Asset Protection
- Payroll Service
- and more

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Phoenix Financial Group saves client $300,000.
PFG helps concrete company with payroll tax.
Phoenix Financial Group's clients represented by tax attorney's and enrolled agents.