Monday, January 11, 2016

Phoenix Financial Group Tax Prep

Phoenix Financial Group does tax return preparation.

Tax season is right around the corner. Phoenix Financial Group can help you get your taxes done. We can help you with both business and personal taxes. 

Form 1120 Corporate Income Tax Returns are due on 3/15/16. Get your books in order and give us a call to get your return done. 

Form 1040 Personal Income Tax Returns are due on 4/15/16. W-2s are due by the end of January. Are you Self-Employed? We can help you with your Schedule C. 

We have licensed tax preparers (Enrolled Agents) on staff who can complete your return for you. Get a licensed tax professional to complete your tax returns to maximize refunds. 

Do you have outstanding returns for previous tax years? We can help you get back into compliance with the IRS. 

Don't know what you made in a past year? We can get your income information for you. 

Give us a call (888) 572-2179 or email us at

Friday, January 9, 2015


A search for PFG Tax will result in a variety of different results. There are companies that do investments or financial planning. Some companies are lenders. They could do all different types of loans. Tax planning and resolution seems to be a common theme.  

Taxes can encompass all different kinds of tax types. Form 941 is for Withholding Tax. This form is used to reconcile employees payroll tax including social security and medicare. Form 1040 Personal Income Tax is the tax return that is due on April 15th every year. If you can't file on time, file an extension. You can call the IRS directly if you need help. If you don't like what an IRS agent has to say, you can always file a complaint with their manager. Form 1120 is a tax return used by corporations to file their corporate income tax. It is due on March 15. A business can file an extension if it can't get it done by March 15.

Here are some of the things that come up if you search for PFG Tax:

Facebook is a social networking site. This link will get you to a Facebook page.

This link will get you to an article about taxes, here's an excerpt, "CEDAR FALLS | Last year, Peosta-based developer A.J. Spiegel was celebrating a veritable steal of a purchase he made when he bought the empty headquarters building of the bankrupt Peregrine Financial Group and 20-plus lushly wooded acres around it." Someone once said that there are two certainties in life, death and taxes. I don't remember who it was that said that. 

Here's one about estate tax, and an excerpt:

"What is estate tax?

The estate tax is a tax on property that transfers to others upon your death. Estate taxes are assessed on the total value of your estate — your home, stocks, bonds, life insurance, and other assets of value — that is over the applicable exemption amount. Everything you own, whatever the form of ownership and regardless of whether the assets have been through probate, is subject to estate taxes."

Estate taxes are what is paid when someone dies and is trying to transfer assets to their heirs. Guess what, the Federal Government wants a share. What a scam? You would be well served getting an estate planning attorney to help you plan how to transfer your assets to your heirs without getting killed by estate taxes. 

Here's another news article,, and and excerpt:

 Good news: The CCC was successful in winning IRS Rev. Proc. 2009-20 tax relief for PFGBest customers. Read the important update on the CCC site. The IRS letter to the CCC states “…the PFGBest scheme qualifies as a ‘specified fraudulent arrangement’ within the meaning of Revenue Procedure 2009-20. Thus, investors who otherwise meet the requirements of Revenue Procedure 2009-20 may use the safe harbor, following the procedures as set forth in that revenue procedure.”

The above article is about some sort of fraudulent arrangement. I'm sure they will be penalized by the Department of Revenue. I guess they need some help from a lawyer.

Here's a link to twitter, Twitter is another social networking site. You can follow different people including celebrities to hear what awesome things they have to say. Athletes like to tweet things too. 

Here's another link related to PFG Tax, and an excerpt, 

"It’s hard to believe, but today we can use the words “IRS,” “Taxes,” and “PFG Best” in the same sentence – and the result is good news. You see, the IRS has decided that former PFG Best customers who lost money to Wasendorf’s fraud will be allowed to claim those as losses due to theft on their taxes. The Commodity Customer Coalition deserves huge thanks for pushing for this clarification from the IRS, and their site has the full breakdown of what this means for clients, and links to the relevant documents for tax filing purposes."

I don't know who PFGbest is. But it sounds like they got in some trouble. Sounds like the Commodity Customer Coalition did a good job. 

PFG Advisers shows up in a search for PFG Tax,

excerpt, " We've put together a collection of resources to help you manage your taxes as well as prepare for the upcoming tax season. Simply click on one of the topics below and you'll find a selection of tools and information related to taxes and tax strategies."

Sounds like PFGAdvisers does tax preparation. If you need a tax return prepared, give them a call to see if they can help you. Or check out there web site. 

This is another web site that shows up in the results for PFG Tax,

Here's is some information from NASDAW,

If you owe back taxes, you may need professional representation so that you can get the help that you need. Payment plans can be negotiated with the IRS. Enrolled Agents are licensed by the IRS. An Enrolled Agent can help you resolve your past due taxes.

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